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This is a demo site called "TCHOTCHES," and we're not quite sure what that means or how to spell it. Does tchotches imply “collectibles ... this and that ... knickknacks ... things you do not really need”? The links herein are not yet connected.

October 2010, Selma tells me: “The letter K is missing. It should be TCHOTCHKES — all the stuff you bring home from a trip to Europe that ends up on your walls and shelves and hanging from the ceiling!”

We design and develop custom Web-standards-compliant sites that are tailored to the specific needs and interests of a given client. No assembly-line templates ground out here to fit one mold.

Web-standards-compliant means we feature state-of-the-art CSS/XHTML formats (with JavaScript functionality and GIF animation). Of course, we can develop a FLASH format (with ActionScript); we love such timeline animation programs as Flash and AfterEffects. But, remember, Flash is a vector program (paintings and photos are bitmap images) that requires viewer to download latest player to see the content and is not flexible. One of our primary aims in developing a site such as this is to make the process of updating the images and text content easily accessible to that artist.

We would love to discuss the process and prices with you personally:

New York, NY, USA
E-Mail: aunt_nini@hotmail.com

Credits:   Web design and animation by Denise deGoumois http://www.auntnini.com.

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